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Position Wanted

The winner of the Sealy #SleepingOnTheJob competition was announced yesterday and sadly I wasn’t successful. On the bright side, the winner, Donna of Nappy Daze, is a lovely person and I know that she will do a great job for Sealy. If I couldn’t be the winner, then I’m glad that Donna has this opportunity to promote her skills as a writer (and enjoy the prize of a king-size Sealy posturepedic bed).

I am disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to blog for Sealy. I would love to be able to work with a brand to establish an online presence – blogging, creating an interactive, informative environment where they can both promote their products and services and provide information through a relationship-based point of contact for their customers.

If I was promoting your brand, I would be much more enthusiastic than this.

It amazes me that so many brands haven’t established a presence on Twitter and included blog-style articles on their websites. Some brands seem to realise they should be doing something, but they simply set up a Twitter account and Facebook fan page and then… nothing.

Sealy is obviously launching their online presence with a bang. Huggies and Kleenex are excellent examples of companies that are doing it right. Personally, I think that any company with women aged 25 – 40 as a significant target market should be following their example.

I may have missed the opportunity to work with Sealy, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. I’ve decided to blog my CV to a) show Sealy what they missed out on and b) hopefully tempt another company to take me on board as part of their social networking marketing strategy.

My Strengths

  • I am a writer with several years’ experience writing for an online environment. In particular, my writing for Suite101.com has included training in online writing techniques and SEO.
  • I am a mother of school-aged children, two boys and one girl. This means I have hands on experience in parenting, home management, education, recreational activities, cleaning, cooking, toys and entertainment and trying to find time for myself in the midst of a busy family schedule.
  • I am 40 years old and have this year decided it is time to shed the frumpy mum uniform and reclaim my life. I love being a mother, but with all my kids at school I am enjoying having time to do extravagant things like have time to put lipstick on in the morning and wear clothes whose primary function isn’t to mask stains and keep all the important bits covered no matter how much my kids climb all over me. Clothes, shoes, make-up and skin care are all once again on my personal radar and I am enjoying exploring the many options out there for  busy mothers that combine functionality with style. I’m a size 10 and Alison Triffet (Style Counsel Online) assures me that my colouring, average height and figure suit a range of fashion styles. Just putting that out there in case any fashion brands are browsing. Hello! *waves in a welcoming and enthusiastic, yet extremely stylish way*
  • I have a passion for books and reading. I write regularly for Suite101.com as their World Literatures topic editor and have interviewed authors regarding their work. I read everything from picture books through YA to general fiction. I don’t generally read thrillers (too nerve wracking), vampire fiction (bit lit) or specialist genres like science fiction or manga. I love to promote Australian authors and quality books for children and teens.
  • I enjoy interacting in an online environment. I am active on Twitter and maintain Facebook fan pages for both of my blogs. I love the personality-rich blogging community. By and large, the Australian blogging community is supportive, informative and entertaining and I enjoy being part of such a diverse and dynamic community.
  • I love stationery. All of it. Even paper clips. Typo, Kikki-K, Smiggle, even Officeworks. Walking into a stationery store makes my heart beat a little faster in anticipation. I solemnly believe that it is not possible to ever have too many books or notepads. Or post-it notes. Or pens.
  • Intrigued? Of course you are! If you’d like to know more about what makes me tick, you might like to read this 50 Facts about me list. It’s not as boring as it sounds, so make sure you follow the link. You can also check out the About pages for my blogs Living Upside Down and Reading Upside Down

My Limitations

  • I live in Newcastle and I have three school-aged children. This means that I can’t regularly attend meetings in Sydney or Melbourne (for example), although if you are planning a team building exercise in, say, Europe, I’m sure I could work something out.
  • My youngest child is seven, so I am no longer up-to-date on the everyday aspects of raising a baby or toddler. My parenting focus has moved beyond nappies, daytime naps, breast v bottle, cloth v disposable and other concerns specifically related to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  • I look terrible in orange. (Just another heads-up for any lurking fashion brands.)

So there you go. If you are a business looking to break into the Australian online social networking scene in a way that appeals to mothers and women ‘of a certain age’, I’m your girl. Well, I could be. You’ll never know if you don’t get in touch. My email is in the ‘Introducing’ section at the top of the sidebar, you can find me on Twitter or via my Facebook pages for Reading Upside Down, Living Upside Down or my Freelance Writing.

If you’re not a business but you’ve managed to read through all this anyway, I’d love for you to comment. Do you look online for information from brands? Do you like companies/brands to interact online? Where do you go to information about products and services?

4 Responses to “Position Wanted”

  • I am not a business but did manage to read though your resume. I am fascinated about blogging for money or product.

    I look at the brand’s website for information about them. I mainly talk to friends or family for recommendations. I also like those comparison websites and Choice magazine’s website.

  • Bravo Susan for taking the plunge and putting this out to the universe! I sense good things shall come from such a proactive stance!

    Thanks so much for your lovely words – I appreciate them so much. And know too that the win definitely in tinged with sadness knowing another wanted it as badly as I. I hope that another brilliant opportunity presents itself soon.

    PS Orange is no-one’s friend!
    Donna @ NappyDaze recently posted Sleeping on the Job never sounded so good!

  • Good for you, hon, putting your impressive CV here! I’m sure someone will take advantage of your wonderful talent.

    Jodie Ansted recently posted The BFF Catchup at Ginger & Spice

  • Jodi:


    I just stumbled across you from GoodGoog. I am a fellow stationery addict, and every time I walk into Typo/Kikki.K/Officeworks/insert stationery retailer… I have to physically restrain myself from getting yet another notebook or fancy pen. Or something that makes me go “ooooh, fancy”!

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